euskalforging includes environmental management in its ring rolling process and, in keeping with the guidelines given in the ISO 14.001 standard on environmental management, it has implemented a management system that covers all the requirements laid down in the above standard, as well as in all applicable European regulations and laws.

Waste management

euskalforging has all the relevant government authorisations as a producer of waste, and it handles the following:

  • Hazardous waste (chemical substances such as depleted cutting fluid from the lathes, used hydraulic oils, contaminated solids and other such products), with authorised waste managers such as:
Sader Sogecar
  • Non-hazardous waste (sweepings from the ring rolling plant and slurry from the heat treatment plant):
Sader Ferrovial
  • Inert waste (wood and similar) with authorised managers in the area


With regard to emissions, euskalforging is in possession of all the relevant permits and carries out periodic environmental controls in line with applicable European legislation.

Likewise, as part of its annual objectives, euskalforging incorporates action to reduce its CO2 emissions.


euskalforging has all the required licences for industrial wastewater discharges.


euskalforging controls the levels of noise emitted, applying an active noise-reduction policy and at all times complying with the requirements established in European and local regulations.


All euskalforging facilities are in keeping with current applicable regulations and are subject to periodic mandatory and regulatory checks.