Sustainability and Sustainable Development

euskalforging incorporates within the company's Mission, Vision and Values the promotion and implementation of sustainable development strategies, maintaining a firm commitment to sustainability. Thus, we develop processes and manufacture products using the best technologies and practices available in the market, seeking to guarantee a balance between economic growth, care for the environment and social well-being.

euskalforging, at the same time, takes into account the 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDG), which give companies a key role in transforming society and markets under sustainability criteria and have had a substantial impact on companies, making it easier for us to contribute to sustainable development and becoming an international reference framework in fields as diverse, but at the same time as linked as gender equality, the fight against climate change or the reduction of inequalities. The SDGs have become one of the main sustainability frameworks worldwide and euskalforging is making these challenges its own with the aim of having a positive impact on people and the environment.

euskalforging establishes a system of Good Practices focused on promoting sustainability such as:

  • Boosting energy efficiency. Energy efficiency committees.
  • Monitoring and measurement of the carbon footprint
  • Internal sustainability audits
  • Improvements in the use of natural resources
  • Preservation of biodiversity and natural resources
  • Collaboration in renewable energy projects
  • Environmental awareness

Internal sustainability audit

Carried out annually since 2021. It incorporates evaluation groups related to:

  • General questions about sustainability
  • Social and economic benefits for the local community
  • Reduction of negative impacts on the environment
  • Selective sustainability plan
  • Other matters related to:
    • Ethical codes
    • Corruption and theft
    • Human rights of workers
    • Safety and health of workers
    • Environmental protection
    • Supply chain
    • Sustainability programs
    • Social impact
    • Environmental impacts
    • Carbon footprint
    • Financial audits
    • Energy audits


euskalforging includes environmental management in its ring rolling process and, in keeping with the guidelines given in the ISO 14.001 standard on environmental management, it has implemented a management system that covers all the requirements laid down in the above standard, as well as in all applicable European regulations and laws.

Waste management

euskalforging has all the relevant government authorisations as a producer of waste, and it handles the following:

  • Hazardous waste (chemical substances such as depleted cutting fluid from the lathes, used hydraulic oils, contaminated solids and other such products), with authorised waste managers such as:
Sader Sogecar
  • Non-hazardous waste (sweepings from the ring rolling plant and slurry from the heat treatment plant):
Sader Ferrovial
  • Inert waste (wood and similar) with authorised managers in the area


With regard to emissions, euskalforging is in possession of all the relevant permits and carries out periodic environmental controls in line with applicable European legislation.

euskalforging has clearly defined CO2 emission reduction targets that are monitored and verified annually. Annual actions are established to achieve these objectives, among which are:

  • Installation of heat recovery units in gas furnaces
  • Replacement of traditional furnace burners with regenerative burners
  • Use of surplus heat from furnace chimneys to preheat parts
  • Optimization of opening and closing processes of furnace doors
  • Optimization of start-up of heating and heat treatment treatment programs
  • Optimization of processes with objectives of reducing material consumption
  • Others...

Likewise, As a company policy, euskalforging integrates actions to reduce its CO2 emissions into its annual objectives. with a goal of net zero emissions by 2050.


euskalforging has all the required licences for industrial wastewater discharges. Punctual discharges are carried out in compliance with the legislation and carrying out the analyzes that are considered necessary.


euskalforging controls the levels of noise emitted, applying an active noise-reduction policy and at all times complying with the requirements established in European and local regulations.


All euskalforging facilities comply with the regulations in force and are subject to the periodic mandatory regulatory controls.


euskalforging has Soil Quality Declarations and/or Preliminary Soil Reports for its areas of activity, complying with current regulations and verifying land uses, executing sanitation projects, and maintaining its ecological sensitivity.

Conflict Minerals Policy

euskalforging establishes a Conflict Minerals Policy in which undertakes to operate in compliance with the normative and regulatory principles established both in the Wall Street Dodd-Frank Reform and in the Dood Frank Act as well as in European regulations. Likewise, we declare that we work with suppliers that ensure that our products do not contain conflict minerals, Tantalum (Ta), Tin (Sn), Gold (Au) or Tungsten (W) that have been obtained from the Democratic Republic of the Congo (DRC). and its 9 countries.

Environmental policy

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Health and safety

Prevention as a premise.

In euskalforging we consider occupational health as an essential value and we work rigorously to protect the people who make our activity possible.

From Management, workers, contractors and Prevention services, we row in the same direction to create a safe and healthy work environment.

euskalforging promotes and encourages a culture based on prevention and safety at work, making every effort to integrate a preventive culture throughout the organization with the aim of eliminating accidents.

euskalforging understands that a healthy and accident-free workplace is the best proof of its success. Therefore, with the collaboration of all its members, and through training and prevention awareness actions, it promotes the implementation of actions and improvements aimed at ensuring occupational health and safety in all areas of it.


Link occupational risk prevention policy.

Governance - Ethical code

The purpose of the Code of Ethics is to establish the values and behaviours that must be followed by all euskalforging´s employees in the performance of their work.

euskalforging considers that the trust of its shareholders, customers, suppliers and contractors, as well as of its social environment, is based and built on the ethical behaviour of each of its employees.

Therefore, euskalforging expects all its employees, as well as its suppliers and other external collaborators, to behave with integrity and responsibility, complying at all times with the values set out in the Code of Ethics.

euskalforging believes that the application of the values contained in the Code of Ethics will not only allow us to be a better company and achieve better results, but will also help us to build a better society. That is why Euskal Forging expresses its commitment to respect for people and human rights, environmental protection and sustainability, safety at work, non-discrimination and equal treatment, prohibition of any kind of harassment, prohibition of corrupt practices, protection of personal data, as well as other values contained in the Code of Ethics.

Finally, euskalforging wants to ensure that these values are fulfilled in the most effective way, so it establishes on its website a reporting channel available to all those who want to communicate practices or behaviours that are contrary to its Code of Ethics or illegals. Such communications may be made anonymously, and the Code of Ethics sets out how the submitted reports will be handled.

Code of Ethics    Integrity Policy

Channel of communication of practices contrary to the Code of Ethics

As an employee, customer, supplier or interested party, you can report serious matters anonymously.

Through this website you can send information about reprehensible or unethical behaviours, illegal or contrary to the Code of Ethics and / or internal policies.

Requests related to HR matters cannot be reported in this system, but must be discussed with the immediate manager, department manager or HR.

You may report confidentially, giving your name and contact details or, if you wish, 100% anonymously, without identifying yourself. All inquiries are handled confidentially and securely.

Each report generates an identification code that can be used by the complainant to track the report and know the status of the proceedings.

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