Integral service, euskalforging goes beyond the ring rolling manufacturing

euskalforging offers its clients an integral service that goes beyond the manufacture and delivery of rolled rings, and which covers the following areas:

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Advisory service

The experience gained by euskalforging and the support of the technology centres it works with, enables the company to collaborate, advise and develop the following aspects on each project together with its clients:


Technical office

euskalforging has its own technical office that defines the most suitable manufacturing processes (times, temperatures, etc.) to ensure the rolled rings are correctly manufactured, and so guarantee that the client's requirements are met.


euskalforging offers the widest range of rolled rings on the market through its one stop shop solution.

Process integration

operarios-integracion-procesoOnce each project has been studied and analysed in depth by the technical office team, production is carried out entirely by euskalforging at its own facilities (from cutting the material to the final machining of the rolled ring). Having just one interlocutor enables the client to control and monitor each project in a better and simpler way.


Product controls are an ongoing feature of the rolled rings manufacturing process at euskalforging.

Whether through its own personnel and resources or through agreements with nearby technology centres euskalforging offers its clients the opportunity to lead all the validation tests that the client may require, dealing with obtaining and, where applicable, issuing any certificates required by the client.


euskalforging provides its clients with delivery of the rolled rings anywhere in the world, whether to the client's own facilities or to any location that the client may choose, managing all the logistics involved, from packaging to delivery.

Other services

Depending on the nature of the project, euskalforging sub-contracts any processes that may be required:

  • Painting
  • Welding
  • Surface treatment
  • Assembly
  • Cutting the ring in sectors
  • Others

euskalforging has an extensive pool of suppliers in its surrounding area that can ensure the project is completed successfully.