Medios de producción

The best production equipment for seamless rolled rings: cutting saws, heating furnaces, presses, ring rolling machines, heat treatment furnaces and machining equipment

euskalforging has the most modern production equipment available in the market to manufacture seamless rolled rings.



13 band / 2  disc

gas furnaces


11 gas furnaces


Presses and Expanders

5 presses / 1 expander

ring rolling machines

Ring Rolling

5 ring rolling machines

Heat treatment

Heat treatment

11 gas furnaces / 8 quenching tanks 



24 lathes / 7 drills / 2 gear cutting machines

In the cutting workshop, euskalforging has cutting centres that once programmed execute automatically the process, and band saws. These automated centres carry out the cutting with discs, in order to guarantee a faster cutting speed, while the remaining saws use cutting bands, guaranteeing less waste of material during the process.

In the heating section, euskalforging has gas furnaces that are periodically tested to guarantee all the time the maximum precision for temperature and homogeneity within the chamber of the furnace.

For the upsetting and ring rolling process, euskalforging has three automated presses, one expander and five ring rolling machines, that offer the broadest range of rolled rings: from 400 mm up to 10,000 mm of outer diameter. The three presses of euskalforging are programmable and automated, which allows a serial production where the process must be homogenous for all the pieces. The five ring rolling machines that euskalforging has are different and allow to cover the largest range available in the market, highlighting among them the biggest ring rolling machine, that is capable of producing rolled rings up to 10,000 mm of outer diameter and 80,000 kg of cutting weight.

Once the rings have been rolled, for the heat treatment phase, euskalforging has gas heat treatment furnaces and quenching tanks, with water or polymers, to obtain the requirements of the customer specifications.These furnaces are located in two automated plants where the transfer time from the furnaces to the tanks or the cooling areas are guaranteed, so that the manufacturing processes are homogenous for the serial batches.

Finally, euskalforging has its own machining workshop with lathes, drilling machines, gear cutting machines, ..., to guarantee the delivery of the rings according to the customer drawing. All the machining equipment at euskalforging is capable of machining its broad range of rings: from 400 mm up to 10,000 mm of outer diameter.