Medios de producción

Presses and Expanders

euskalforging has 5 presses and 1expander distributed between its 2 ring rolling plants to carry out the upsetting and punching before ring rolling.

  • At the Irura plant it has 1 press up to 1,000 t, 1 press up to 1,600 t, 1 press up to 3,000 t and 1 press up to 4,000 t.
  • At the Sestao plant it has 1 press up to 10,000 t.

The upsetting and punching process at euskalforging is highly innovative and automated, which avoids potential human mistakes and guarantees the maximum quality level during the manufacturing.

Hydraulic presses:

1 Up to 1,000 t
1 Up to 1,600 t
1 Up to 3,000 t
1 Up too 4,000 t
1 Up to 10,000 t

Hydraulic expanders:

1 Hydraulic ring expander 2,500 t