Calidad - Homologaciones de Clientes

The approvals from the leading manufacturers in each sector endorse the quality of the product of euskalforging

euskalforging's quality management system, processes, products and services are all periodically checked, audited and verified by its clients. Far exceeding its clients' demands, euskalforging obtains excellent results and the recurring approval from those clients, leading it to be homologated by the most important clients in the sectors euskalforging serves. The Quality Management System at euskalforging entails the following:

  • Establishing a Vision and a Mission
  • Setting and monitoring objectives and strategic indicators as regards quality, safety and the environment
  • Carrying out assessments and risk analyses (organisational, financial, commercial, production-related, environmental, tax-related, etc.)
  • Having a comprehensive ERP in place that is constantly updated and adapted to meet the clients' needs
  • Safeguarding the available know-how through the established procedures
  • When the circumstances so require, having the following available:
    • MPPs (Manufacturing Process Plan)
    • PPAPs (Production Plan Aproval Process)
    • FMAE (Failure Mode Effects Analysis)
  • Actively applying continuous improvement programmes
  • Maintaining an active policy of recording processes, measurements and checks
  • Periodically assessing suppliers and developing new suppliers
  • pplying an active inspection policy when receiving raw materials or sub-contracted work
  • Updating the raw material purchase specifications to adapt them to the clients' needs
  • Establishing preventive and corrective measures
  • Aiming to guarantee all manufactured parts are traceable
  • Integrating an environmental policy (emissions control, level of noise control, waste management, etc.) in the management system
  • Keeping an occupational risk prevention policy active, using periodic area inspections and risk assessments and updated evacuation plans
  • Applying a proactive human resources policy that prevents discrimination, degrading treatment, corruption, etc.
  • Agreeing annual training plans
  • Having competence and versatility matrices available
  • Having emergency plans available

euskalforging's client portfolio attests its products and service.