All the heat treatments required by the customers, with the highest quality standards

euskalforging has its own production equipment to carry out the heat treatment of its rolled rings.

The heat treatments carried out at euskalforging are as follows:

  • +N (Normalizing)
  • +T (Tempering)
  • +QT (Quenching and tempering)
  • +AT (Solution Annealing)
  • +A (Annealing)
  • +FP or +N+T (Normalizing and tempering)
  • Solution and precipitation hardening
  • Stress relief
  • And its different combinations

In order to guarantee the highest quality standards required by international norms and by its clients, euskalforging has the following:

  • An alarm-based monitoring system in the furnaces using SCADA
  • A system to register the treatment parameters in the furnaces using SCADA
  • A robotic batch loading and unloading system to minimise transition times
  • Own designs for agitation systems in the quenching tanks
  • Quenching bath cooling system
  • Forced cooling facilities

In order to ensure the availability of high-performance furnaces, euskalforging calibrates the equipment (recorders, controllers and visual display) every 6 months, and the furnace regulation/control and recording thermocouples are calibrated by external laboratories before being installed.

Certain furnaces at euskalforging are calibrated, in line with the AMS 2750 E and API 6A standards. In addition, euskalforging subjects all the other furnaces to TUS and SAT testing to guarantee their homogeneity and uniformity.

Euskalforging Sestao 404b