Rodamientos y Multiplicadores

Rings for bearings and gearboxes for all the sectors

Know How

This is a technologically challenging sector, requiring the very finest level as regards grain size, purity of the steel and mechanical properties. It is here that euskalforging shows its excellent technological capacity, through:

  • A highly trained and experienced team of professionals
  • Carefully selected suppliers who are committed to the sector's demands
  • Production equipment and manufacturing processes that fully meet the sector's requirements reliably and repeatedly.

This is also a sector that demands a significant production capacity, both in tonnes produced and in range (dimensions and weight), and also in steel grades (highly diverse, depending on the application in question) and in the supply condition (black, rough machined, and machined according to drawing). euskalforging is perfectly capable of meeting each and every one of these needs by means of its product range, stock, production equipmentintegral service and logistics.

euskalforging has earned the trust of leading manufacturers in the field of bearings and gearboxes, and its rolled rings are present in the main sectors that use these products, such as:

Key projects

Wind bearings for:

  • GE: Haliade- X-12 MW and Haliade 150 6MW turbines
  • MHI Vestas: V164-10.0 MW, V164-9.5 MW, V174-9.5 MW, MHI V117-4.2 MW
  • Vestas: EnVentus up to 5.6 MW (V162/V150/V138), also 4MW and 2 MW turbines
  • SGRE: onshore turbines between 5.5 MW and 2 MW, offshore turbines SG 10 and D8-D7-D6
  • Acciona: AW 3000 turbines (between 3 MW and 1.5 MW)
  • Adwen: AD 8-180 turbine (8 MW)

Bearings for other sectors:

  • Herrenknecht: tunnel boring machines up to Ø 10 metres
  • MHI: tunnel boring machines up to Ø 10 metres
  • Robbins: tunnel boring machines up to Ø 10 metres
  • Alstom: nuclear power plants up to Ø 2 metres

Wind gearboxes for:

  • Vestas: EnVentus up to 5.6 MW (V162/V150/V138), also 4MW and 2 MW turbines
  • Siemens Wind Power: D3 to and D2 turbines (between 4 MW and 2.3 MW)
  • Gamesa: G132 to G80 turbines (between 5 MW to and 2 MW
  • Samsung: 7 MW turbine
  • Adwen: AD 8-180 (8 MW)

Gearboxes and reducers for other sectors:

  • Lafarge: cement plants
  • Vale-Brasil: transport vessels
  • Ministries of Defence: frigates and submarines
  • Bridgestone: rubber extruders
  • BP: oil platforms