Eólico Onshore

Flanges for towers and foundations. Rings for yaw rings, bearings, gearboxes, couplings, blade extenders, shrink discs, brake discs, …

Know How

euskalforging, world leader in the manufacture of rolled rings for the wind energy sector, and with experience in this field since 1994, offers all the wind turbine products that require a rolled ring. In the last 10 years, euskalforging has supplied:

  • Flanges for:
    • Towers: over 40,211 units
    • Foundations
  • Yaw rings
  • Rings for:
    • Pitch bearings for blades: over 61,204 units
    • Yaw rings: over 15,266 units
    • Gearboxes: over 21,929 units
    • Slew bearings for the nacelle: over 20,000 units
    • Couplings: over 3,971 units
    • Blade extenders: over 1,355 units
    • Shrink discs: over 1,155 units
    • Brake discs, shaft bearings, seal counters, seal collars, and other elements in the nacelle: over 5,000 units

In short, euskalforging represents:

  • Range
  • Delivery time
  • Guarantee