euskalforging  keeps developing its leadership as manufacturer of large rings for Oil&Gas worldwide. Latest projects have been delivered both to Japan and Spain, as part of large coke drums for final customers Valero Refining and Repsol.

euskalforging  manufactured and delivered the heaviest stainless steel ring for the hydropower sector, to be installed in the Häusling Power plant in Austria. This way the company continues breaking production limits and meeting challenges in a very successful manner.

euskalforging  has taken part in the new mono bucket foundations at the Deutsche Bucht offshore wind farm off the coast of Germany. The foundations will consist of a single steel cylinder, known as a suction bucket, that uses its own weight and vacuum pressure to embed on the sea floor. This method eliminates the need for pile driving, and, consequently, for noise mitigation measures; this will mean a significantly reduced environmental impact in comparison to usually applied construction methodologies.

euskalforging  has supplied the flanges for the first tubes designed to move both people and freight at the highest speed recorded until now, within the Hyperloop system. Considered as the train of the future, it is estimated that the top speed could reach 1080 km/h. Passengers or cargo are loaded into the Hyperloop vehicle and accelerate gradually via electric propulsion through a low-pressure tube. The first tests will be held in Toulouse, France during 2018 and 2019.

euskalforging will produce 4 large coke drum skirt rings to the Japanese customer SUMITOMO.

The skirt rings will be part of coke drums to be installed in key FLUOR refinery in Texas-US. With this project, euskalforging is proud to keep developing the cooperation with one of our main Japanese customer, as well as developing the proven record as supplier of one of the main EPFCM companies in the world for Oil&Gas, FLUOR.